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ESP8266 module development board


Name: WiFi DevOps V 1.0.0
Type: ESP8266 board
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Dubravko Penezic
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA v 3.0
Implemented function:

  • Accommodation for one of ESP-03, ESP-04, ESP-07(14), ESP-07(16), ESP-08(14), ESP-12, ESP-12E and ESP-08(16) with small hack for antenna ( AI-Thinker)
  • Pull-up resistor for GPIO2, CH_PD, and pull-down resistor for GPIO15
  • One button RESET/FLASHing functionality for all ESP modules with RESET pin available (
  • RTS,DTR functionality for FLASHing like NODEMCU DEVKIT V1.0
  • Switch to select one of RESET/FLASHing functionality describe above
  • Direct FLASHing with connecting GPIO0 to GND
  • All pins from ESP modules available on pin headers on PCB side, and distance between pin headers are measure in 0.1 inchs
  • Special pin header of 4 pins for UTXD, URXD, RTS and DTR
  • Special pin header of 3 pins for GND, +5V(or higher), +3V3
  • Button for RESET functionality without FLASHing
  • Antenna connector IPX U.FL RF Coaxial Connector for ESP modules without antenna
  • Voltage regulator SPX3819 very low voltage drop input 3.7V to 16V and output 3.3V, 800 mA, basically for ESP modules

PCB Top & Bottom image


Schematic are available in follow file : Schematic V 1.0.0.

Functional example

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