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Name: Power Module 5V (POE)
Type: Raspberry Pi Board
Version: 2.0.0
Author: Dubravko Penezic
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA v 3.0
Implemented function:

  • POE 802.3af Standards 10/100 DC on Spares Wires
  • Fuse (0.5A) and diode voltage input controlling
  • HRD05003 DC-DC converter with fine tune of output 5V (variable resistor)
  • ON/OFF capability
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • LED control signalization
  • Aux 5V Terminal Header Power Out
  • 1 RGB LED for custom signalisation (GPIO)
  • 1 Yellow LED for custom signalisation (GPIO)
  • DS3231 RTC (I2C GPIO)
  • DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (GPIO)
  • AT24Cxx EEPROM module with Write Protection option (I2C GPIO)
  • Voltage regulator AS1117 3.3V for support board elements
  • Pig-back connector to Raspberry Pi
  • Small Footprint and 4 Montage Holes

PCB Top & Bottom image:



Implemented module

Configuration options

All configuration options are available in Git repository on URL

Check Power

Power presents may be check short-cuting CP1 (Input Voltage) or CP2 (Output Voltage).

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