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Raspberry Pi Project - Electronic Learning Board

Basic Information

Characteristic of Electronic Learning Board

  • Raspberry Pi Mini Computer
  • Video and Audio events
  • Breadboards for interconnecting
  • Optoisolator Module for Input
  • Relay Module for Output
  • 1-Wire Connection
  • RS485 Module for Communication
  • Power Over Ethernet Module for Power supply of 5V
  • 10 GPIO with bidirectional level shifting (5V or 3.3V)
  • I2C bus with bidirectional level shifting (5V or 3.3V)
  • RS232 bus with bidirectional level shifting (5V or 3.3V)
  • DS3231 RTC
  • AT24C512 EEPROM module with Write Protection option
  • FT232RL RS232 to USB adapter with straight or cross connection of TXD/RXD between RPi and FT232RL
  • 3 tactile switches connected to GPIO with 4pin header (GND and 3line to switches)
  • RGB LED (or 3 ordinary LED) with transistor controlled output (available on 4 pin header plus 5V) and LM317 current controller
  • 6 Selectable 3 pin header for selecting LCD screen BUS or 3 tactile switch and RGB LED possibilities
  • 16 pin female header for LCD screen connection
  • All Modules on one place easy to transport and storage

Parts list show list of all Parts and prices.

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