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Name: Raspberry Pi Hat RGB LED
Type: Raspberry Pi Hat
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Dubravko Penezic
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA v 3.0
Implemented function:

  • Power RPi from Hat
  • 2 Channel LEDs control
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor and unique identificator

PCB Top & Bottom image:

PDF document

Implemented module

Top side:

Bottom side:

Hat installed on RPi and connected to LED strip

Configuration options

Pin/connectors function:

Be aware that Power In connector must provide enough current for running RPi and all LEDS.
Each color in RGB LEDs draw 20mA, so if you run RGBW LED chip with all colour full on you will need 4*20mA = 80mA per LED chip.

Data connectors and data selection area:

RGBW LEDs strip may be connected on CON1 or/and CON2.
CON1 provide one of follow data line :

  • PWM0 GPIO18
  • SPI GPIO10
  • PWM0 12

CON2 provide one of follow data line :

  • PWM1 GPIO13
  • PCM GPIO21

Follow pictures show how to connect jumper cup to select data line (i.e. you may select and use just one CONx or both, picture just show jumper position, not actual combination for use).


Library and Software

Raspberry Pi LEDs library :

Raspberry Pi Hat documentation :

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