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Name: Raspberry Pi Control Board
Type: Raspberry Pi Board
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Dubravko Penezic
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA v 3.0
Implemented function:

  • Signalling RGB LED
  • Signalling Green LED 2x
  • Modular header for 1-wire devices
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • 5x pins header with 3x IO lines (keys connector)
  • 4x pins header with 2x IO lines (PWM IO pins)
  • Pig-back connector to Raspberry Pi
  • Small Footprint

PCB Top & Bottom image:

PDF file with schematics


Implemented module

Top side:

Bottom side:

Board nicely fit in to RS Raspberry Pi B+ case.

Configuration options

All configuration options are available in Git repository on URL

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