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-Documentation **[[Documentation|Home]]**+`Documentation **[[Documentation|Home]]**
 ====== BASIC INFORMATION ====== ====== BASIC INFORMATION ======
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 {{:​power_poi_5v_1_0_0:​img_1454.png?​300|}}\\ {{:​power_poi_5v_1_0_0:​img_1454.png?​300|}}\\
 {{:​power_poi_5v_1_0_0:​img_2899.png?​300|}}\\ {{:​power_poi_5v_1_0_0:​img_2899.png?​300|}}\\
 +==== Power Check ====
 +=== Shortcut LED test ===
 +Check input power existance CP1\\
 +When shorting CP1 with conduit material Blue LED is lighting\\
 +Check output power existance CP2\\
 +When shorting CP2 with conduit material Green LED is lighting\\
 +=== Multimeter test ===
 +Input voltage testing points (Red +, Black -)\\
 +Output voltage testing points (Red +, Black -)\\
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