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 **Variable output voltage value**\\ **Variable output voltage value**\\
 {{:​modding:​kis_3r33s:​kis-3r33s-mod-4.png?​|}}\\ {{:​modding:​kis_3r33s:​kis-3r33s-mod-4.png?​|}}\\
- +\\ 
 +In all solution it must be add internal **3K3** resistor connected to **Vadj**.\\ 
 +For **Fixed output voltage value** solution standard 1% resistor value may be used like follow :\\ 
 +**1.8V** 6.19kΩ\\ 
 +**2.5V** 13.7kΩ\\ 
 +**3.3V** 22.6kΩ\\ 
 +**5V** 41.2kΩ\\ 
 +**12V** 118kΩ\\ 
 +For **Variable output voltage value** maximal outside resistor value is 202.9K. For fixed value resistor use one of 1%.\\ 
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