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-Documentation **[[documentation|Home]]** 
-====== KIS 3R33S Modding ====== 
-===== Original part ===== 
-==== Physical look ==== 
-==== Schematic ==== 
-==== Features ==== 
-Inner part of KIS-3R33S DC-DC power supply module consists of MP2307DN,​which integrates adjust MOSFET. 
-offering 3A constant load current,​exceeding the normal input voltage:​4.75V-23V. \\  
-Output voltage is set to 3.33V \\  
-===== Modding ===== 
-==== Vision ==== 
-KIS 3R33S use DC-DC step-down IC {{:​modding:​kis_3r33s:​mp2307_r1.9.pdf|MP2307}} for controling output voltage. and have fixed output voltage of 3.33V. Modding KIS 3R33S will give us posibility to change output voltage on range of 1.84V to 20V.  
-==== How to do that ==== 
-Open a case and get PCB with IC out. Case can be open with tiny scrawdriver. You will get PCB like one on follow image.\\ 
-First remove parts in blue and red squer.\\ 
-Red one are resistors for controling output voltage, and blue one is zener diode for controling output voltage. Finaly your module will have schematic like one on follow picture:\\ 
-Module is now prepare for customization. You may close module case now, all change on module is done. \\ 
-Follow two schematics show two possible customization solutions :\\ 
-**Fixed output voltage value**\\ 
-**Variable output voltage value**\\ 
-In all solution it must be add internal **3K3** resistor connected to **Vadj**. 
-For **Fixed output voltage value** solution standard 1% resistor value may be used like follow :\\ 
-**1.8V** 6.19kΩ\\ 
-**2.5V** 13.7kΩ\\ 
-**3.3V** 22.6kΩ\\ 
-**5V** 41.2kΩ\\ 
-**12V** 118kΩ\\ 
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