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 [[ebay_module|eBay Module]] [[ebay_module|eBay Module]]
-====== ​DC DC Multi SD 3 Voltage ​======+====== ​TWI I2C Digital IO Board 4 LED ======
 ==== Title ==== ==== Title ====
-Buck Step Down DC-DC Voltage Converter in 9-24V out 7-20V, 5V, 3.3V KIS3R33S+I2C TWI Digital IO Board with 4 status LED Arduino PCF8574A
 ==== Attributes ===== ==== Attributes =====
 === Brand === === Brand ===
-DC-DC Multi SD+Digital IO Board
 === Module === === Module ===
-DC-DC Step Down Converter+Digital EXPANSION
 ==== Picture ==== ==== Picture ====
 ==== Code ==== ==== Code ====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-<div style="​text-align:​ center;"><​font size="​5"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​DC-DC Multi SD V 1.0</​span><​font size="​4"><​br></​font></​font><​div style="​text-align:​ left;"><​font size="​3"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​Description:<​br><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;"></​span></​span>​This ​module implement DC-DC Buck Step Down Voltage Converter with following functionality ​:<span style="​font-weight:​ bold;"><span style="​font-weight: bold;"><br></span></span></font><br><​ul><​li>​Fuse (3A) and diode voltage input controlling</li><​li>​Buck voltage step down controller MC2307 (KIS3R33)</li><li>ON/OFF capability</​li><​li>​Output voltage controlled by variable resistor</li><​li>​LED working signalization</li><li>Input voltage 9-24V</​li><​li>​Output 1 (MC2307/​KIS3R33) 7-20V</​li><​li>​Output 2 (AS1117 3.3V) 3.3V</​li><​li>​Output 3 (AS1117 5V) 5V<​br></​li></​ul>​More about module ​may be found on <a href="​http://​​doku.php?​id=mod_power">​http://​​doku.php?​id=mod_power</​a><​br><​br><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​Package contain 1 full working module with 3 output voltage and one GND.<br></​span><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;"></​span><​br></​div></​div><​font size="​5"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;"></​span></​font>​+<div style="​text-align:​ center;"><​font size="​5"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​I2C TWI Digital IO Board with 4 status LED V 1.0<​br></​span><​br><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​</​span><​font size="​4"><​br></​font></​font><​div style="​text-align:​ left;"><​font size="​3"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​Description:<​br></​span>​This ​complete have follow part :<br></font><​ul><li>New full working I2C Digital IO Board 1.0 with follow functionality :</li></ul><ul><​ul><​li>​2 SMD 5050 RGB LED <br></li><​li>​2 SMD 0806 Orange LED<br></​li><​li>​selectable jumpers for selecting input or output mode for all PCF8574A chip<br></li><​li>​selectable jumper for selecting chip address<br></​li><​li>​selectable jumpers for selecting resistor on SDA, SCL<​br>​</​li><​li>​communication connectors may provide INT line from PCF8574A chip&​nbsp; ​</li></ul><​li>​2 female connector including pins <​br></​li></​ul>​More about Status LED/LCD board may be found on <a href="​http://​​doku.php?​id=data_logger">​http://​​doku.php?​id=de_twi_status_led_lcd</a><br><​br><​br><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​PCB </​span><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;" id="​result_box"​ class="​short_text"​ lang="​en"><​span class="​hps">​Availability</​span></​span><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;" id="​result_box"​ class="​short_text"​ lang="​en"><​span class="​hps"></​span></​span>:<​br>​PCB only (4.00$), and PCB All Part Kit (10.20) are available on request.<​br><​br></​div></​div><​font size="​5"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;"></​span></​font>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ==== Price ==== ==== Price ====
-11 US$+16.50 US$
 ==== Shipping ==== ==== Shipping ====
-8 US$, 1US$+8 US$, 2US$
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