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 +[[ebay_module|eBay Module]]
 +====== DC DC Multi SD ======
 +==== Picture ====
 +==== Code ====
 +<div style="​text-align:​ center;"><​font size="​5">​5x PCB Bluetooth Arduino Transceiver Master/​Slave RS232 module board for HC-05<​br><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;"></​span><​font size="​4"><​br></​font></​font><​div style="​text-align:​ left;"><​font size="​3"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​Note : <​br>​Picture show top and bottom side.<​br><​br>​Description:<​br></​span>​This complete have follow part :<​br></​font><​ul><​li>​5 New BT Board V1.0 for Bluetooth HC-05 Master/​Slave module and possible follow functionality :</​li></​ul><​ul><​ul><​li>​Additional connection pin for all pins on module<​br></​li><​li>​3.3V power source (IN voltage connected to connector) <​br></​li><​li>​RS232 cross or straight options using pin caps&​nbsp;​ <​br></​li><​li>​RS232 direct TTL or normal connection using selection pin caps<​br></​li><​li>​LED status signalling<​br></​li><​li>​Command mode selecting via pin cap<​br></​li></​ul></​ul>​More about BT Board you may be found on <a href="​http://​​doku.php?​id=bt_board">​http://​​doku.php?​id=bt_board</​a><​br><​br><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​Shipping:</​span><​br>​Item is send via traceable airmail parcel.<​br><​br><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​PCB </​span><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;" id="​result_box"​ class="​short_text"​ lang="​en"><​span class="​hps">​Availability</​span></​span><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;" id="​result_box"​ class="​short_text"​ lang="​en"><​span class="​hps"></​span></​span>:<​br>​PCB only (1.50$), and PCB All Part Kit (15.50$) are available on request.<​br><​br></​div></​div><​font size="​5"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;"></​span></​font>​
 +==== Price ====
 +5 US$
 +==== Shipping ====
 +8 US$, 0.5US$
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