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 +[[ebay_arduino_shield|eBay Arduino Shield]] 
 +====== AD Expansion Mega V 1.0.0 ====== 
 +==== Title ==== 
 +Arduino Mega Shield Analogue Digital I/O Expansion Board I2C Serial TWI Modular 
 +==== Attributes ===== 
 +=== Brand === 
 +Arduino Mega Shield 
 +=== Module === 
 +==== Picture ==== 
 +==== Code ==== 
 +<div style="​text-align:​ center;"><​font size="​5">​Arduino Mega Shield - <span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​A/​D EXPANSION V 1.0<​br></​span><​br><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;"></​span><​font size="​4"><​br></​font></​font><​div style="​text-align:​ left;"><​font size="​3"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​Note : <​br>​Picture show major part of complete !!!<​br><​br>​Description:<​br></​span>​This complete have follow part :<​br></​font><​ul><​li>​New full working Arduino Mega A/D EXPANSION 1.0 with follow functionality :</​li></​ul><​ul><​ul><​li>​TWI/​I2C connector<​br></​li><​li>​Serial 2 &amp; 3 connectors<​br></​li><​li>​digital I/O connectors 2x3, 2x1</​li><​li>​digital I/O connectors with input pullup resistor and output resistor controlled 2x2<​br></​li><​li>​analogue connectors 2x3, 2x1</​li><​li>​connection pads 4 digital and 2 analogue , and GND&​amp;​+5V</​li><​li>​pin header selection of bus or external 5V supply <​br></​li></​ul><​li>​Female connector for all male connectors including pins (4x5, 5x4, 4x3) <​br></​li></​ul>​More about A/D EXPANSION board may be found on <a href="​http://​​doku.php?​id=data_logger">​http://​​doku.php?​id=ad_expansion</​a><​br><​br><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;">​PCB </​span><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;" id="​result_box"​ class="​short_text"​ lang="​en"><​span class="​hps">​Availability</​span></​span><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;" id="​result_box"​ class="​short_text"​ lang="​en"><​span class="​hps"></​span></​span>:<​br>​PCB only (4.20$), and PCB All Part Kit (14.20) are available on request.<​br><​br></​div></​div><​font size="​5"><​span style="​font-weight:​ bold;"></​span></​font>​ 
 +==== Price ==== 
 +24 US$ 
 +==== Shipping ==== 
 +8 US$, 3US$
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