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Type: Adpater Board
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Dubravko Penezic
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA v 3.0
Implemented function:

  • Accommodate Linvor BT module (HC-0x)
  • Power supply for module 3.3V
  • LED signalling of module work state
  • RS232 strait|cross connectivity (Jumper)
  • RS232 TTL or normal levele connection
  • Jumper select for command mode
  • Use of connector for connecting, pads for debugging, and mounting hole

PCB Top and Bottom image:

PCB Bottom Revision:

Working example:


JP1 RX/TX cross or streith connection

This jumpers give possibility to create cross or streight connection betweenn BT module RX/TX line and connection socket on board. (jumpers are set according mark on board).

JP2 RX/TX line voltage correction, and Command set bit

This jumpers (5 of them) give follow functionality (from left to right):

  • 1,2 RX/TX line if short direct connection to module line, if not connected implement voltage devider for standrd RS232 line
  • 3 GND cross connection
  • 4 CMD short CMD line of HC-05 module to high and command mode is enabled according of documentation for BT module



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