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-**[[ad_ul_data_logger|Uno-Leonardo Data Logger]]** 
-====== Compatibility with Arduino Leonardo Uno and Due, and modular selection of pins ====== 
-===== Description ===== 
-Functionality like TWI and ICSP bus are on different place on different Arduino board and version which make very complicate to create universal shield.\\ 
-This shield have modular board/​solder short cuts which give neccery flexybility to meet different options. ​ 
-==== Modular board/​solder short cuts ==== 
-=== P1 === 
-Short cuts for compatibility with Arduino Uno to provide ICSP from D11, D12, D13 digital line. Also it is possible to connect to some other line.\\ 
-=== P2 === 
-Shor cuts for connecting aditional analogue lines on some boards, or to connect to some standard analogue line.\\ 
-=== P3 === 
-Short cuts for interchange between Arduino Uno and Arduino Leonardo which have diferent line for TWI bus, and also provide additional two line (SDA, SCL) to old Arduino Uno version.\\ 
-=== P4 === 
-Short cuts for selecting analogue A3 line for SD card present or to select other analogue line.\\ 
-=== P5 === 
-Short cuts for selecting digital D4, D6 and D7 line or to select other analogue line.\\ 
-D4 and D6 are part of [[ad_ul_data_logger_rj45|I/​O connector]] and D7 is part of [[ad_ul_data_logger_miniSD|miniSD memory card]].\\ 
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