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Uno-Leonardo Data Logger

Compatibility with Arduino Leonardo and Uno, and modular selection of pins


Functionality like TWI and ICSP bus are on different place on different Arduino board and version which make very complicate to create universal shield.
This shield have modular board/solder short cuts which give neccery flexybility to meet different options.

Modular board/solder short cuts


Short cuts for compatibility with Arduino Uno to provide ICSP from D11, D12, D13 digital line. Also it is possible to connect to some other line.


Shor cuts for connecting aditional analogue lines on some boards, or to connect to some standard analogue line.


Short cuts for interchange between Arduino Uno and Arduino Leonardo which have diferent line for TWI bus, and also provide additional two line (SDA, SCL) to old Arduino Uno version.


Short cuts for selecting analogue A3 line for SD card present or to select other analogue line.


Short cuts for selecting digital D4, D6 and D7 line or to select other analogue line.
D4 and D6 are part of I/O connector and D7 is part of miniSD memory card.

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