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Uno-Leonardo Data Logger

EEPROM memory


AT24Cxxx group of I2C EEPROM with possibility to set address and write protect mode.

Used Pins

Arduino Leonardo Compatibility

Digital Pin: 2, 3
Bus: TWI
Power Pin: GND, +5V

Arduino Uno Compatibility

Analogue Pin: 4,5
Bus: TWI
Power Pin: GND, +5V

Config options

Configuration has one switch group (A0, A1, A2) and one switch WP with two state 0 (short cut between middle pin and pin signed 0) and 1 (short cut between middle pin and pin signed 1).

  • A0 - address bit 0 (default set to 0)
  • A1 - address bit 1 (default set to 0)
  • A2 - address bit 2 (default set to 0)
  • WP - write protect where 1 mean protected, and 0 mean unprotected (default set to 0)

Code example

Arduino library DpI2CEEPROM library. PLease use example Simple .

Arduino library i2ceeprom also available from URL

Please use example I2C_demo.pde

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