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2WD Project

02.06.2019 2WD Platform
2WD platform with 2x motor controler and wired joystick in kit, prepared to solder all through-hole elements. Basic idea was created for HZTK . In follow page are all information about basic kit, and all checked addition to basic kit.

WiFi Data Logger (Development)

5.01.2018 ESP8266 IoT Data Logger
WiFi Data Logger using ESP 8266 ESP-12 like module , with RTC, EEPROM, UID/temperature. Standard connections for OLED screen, I2C and development line via 0.1 headers

WiFi Weather Data Sensor (Development)

13.07.2018 WiFi Data Logger
WiFi Data Logger using ESP 8285 M1/M2 module , with RTC, UID, Analogue switch and data line voltage shifter.
18.10.2018 5V Battery Power Source
5V Battery Power Source using Li-Ion or Li-Po battery with 18650 battery holder, 3.7 to 5V DC-DC converter, and TP4056 charger control, DW01 protection circuit. Additionally 3 analog measure output wich measure input, battery and output voltage.
12.07.2018 I2C interface to SparFun Meteo Station
I2C interface board to SparkFun Meteo station using ATMEGA328P with UID, rain drop, UV and light sensors. I2C line have voltage shifter.


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